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Youth Highlights

Creative Challenge Tuesdays


Utilizing STEM prinicpals, strategies and team building, Creative Challenge Tuesdays offers students the opportunity to experiment with the fun side of engineerig and phsyics to compete against each other in a positive and educational setting. Woodcraft Rangers curriculum expands knowledge beyong the classroom. Spatial concepts, key in our engaging Creative Challenges like 'Stuff the Shirt' and 'Ballon Race' help students depict specific locations, numbers and descriptions; improving vocabulary and basic understanding.

I would like to thank Woodcraft Rangers for giving the opportunity to create my own identity.

I really don’t want to go back home, I mean, I miss my parents and all but it makes me sad that I won’t see my camp friends again"

Marcellus Wiley, Woodcraft Rangers Alumni

11-year-old Camp Participant

Strategizing and Team Building are Key on Tuesdays