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To better support enrichment club development, and to streamline and strengthen academic alignment throughout the Nvision program,  Woodcraft Rangers has focused on the development of four core content areas that suit the capacity of out of school time youth programming, and the abilities and interests of the entry-level, paraprofessional staff that we hire to serve our participants.


Academic Vocabulary Support

To support student achievement in English language arts, Woodcraft Rangers Nvision Program focuses on one core component:  academic vocabulary support.  Nvision site coordinators acquire vocabulary, from all grade levels, that supports the school’s curriculum.  


Science, technology, engineering, and math

In the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math Woodcraft Rangers’ Nvision Program aims to create a rich, informal learning environment within highly motivating enrichment offerings.  All Nvision enrichment clubs intentionally integrate learning concepts from the STEM disciplines into daily activities.  


Health and nutrition

Woodcraft Rangers Nvision Program serves two communities in the Greater Los Angeles area with high (over 50%) rates of childhood obesity.  The need for clear goals and programmatic response is clear.  The Nvision Program’s approach to addressing health and nutrition is implemented by  teaching children to make healthy, informed food and snack choices; Providing at least 20 minutes of high-quality, high-engagement physical activity for all participants, every day; making water the drink of choice during after school time; having Nvision staff  model a healthy environment by actively engaging and adhering to the same expectations made for participants; including families in health and nutrition outreach, enrichment activities, and special events.


Youth development, college, and career

Youth development is the acquisition of attitudes, competencies, values, and social skills that will carry youth forward into college, satisfying careers, and successful adulthood.  To do this, Woodcraft Rangers has three different approaches, each appropriate to the age groups of our students:

Youth Choice:

Elementary school-aged children are given multiple opportunities to choose from the widest variety of club and activity offerings.  They are also given opportunities to lead others.

Youth Driven

Middle school-aged participants are given the opportunity to provide input and feedback for program development and improvement, including schedule, rules, clubs, field trips, and special events.  Youth interests are clearly reflected in the club offerings, and youth are continuously re-surveyed to ensure that a majority of participants desire all clubs.

Youth Led

High school students are given opportunities to participate in the governance of the after school program.  This is generally accomplished by the formation of a representative leadership program, called the youth advisory board, which helps the site coordinator to make decisions for the program, including budget considerations, the adding of new clubs, and the involvement and investment of the after school program and its resources in local issues that affect the students and families of the school’s surrounding community.