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The History of Woodcraft Rangers:   Caring for Nine Decades

Woodcraft Rangers opens its doors to Los Angeles’ youth in 1922...[Read More]

Alumni Memories

Woodcraft Rangers serves nearly 7,000 children ...[Read More]

We create interest-based Afterschool Club programs and bring National Youth Sports into South Central Los Angeles...[Read More]

In the millennium, Woodcraft Rangers’ focus is on growth and development. [Read More]

Currently, Nvision Afterschool Programs are offered at over 60 schools, parks, and community centers in Los Angeles. [Read More]

Ray and Joanne (Jan) Reed


I was a single mom in 1963 when I moved to live closer to my brother and his wife, Jim and Stella Jillson.  They were involved with their son in Woodcraft Rangers, and they got my four children involved too.  We were quite a bunch going to meetings and doing things together. [READ MORE]






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