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Skate Parks For Rent


Skateboarding is a great way for youth who may not be attracted to traditional team sports to express themselves athletically in a very individual manner, build self-esteem, and gain the confidence they need to do well in other areas of their lives.


Once considered an underground sport favored by delinquent or disenfranchised youth, skateboarders had to improvise their rides on city streets and parking lots, stair rails, fences, wheelchair and parking garage ramps--even in empty backyard pools!  Fortunately, skateboarding is now solidly a part of mainstream culture and has won admiring fans of all ages.  Yet, despite its ever-growing popularity, until recently the legal options for LA aficionados were limited to crowded, city-run skate parks or a handful of privately-owned permanent skate parks.  Until now....


Woodcraft Rangers' portable skate park, transported and professionally set up at the location of your choice, can be configured to safely accommodate any skill level from beginner to intermediate/ advanced.  Our well-trained staff maintains an impeccable safety record.  Upon arrival, they will assess the skill level of each participant and outfit them with the right board and important safety equipment such as helmet, elbow and knee pads, before allowing them on the course.  Special hands-on attention is given to those who are new to the sport, and for more advanced riders, our instructors can train them how to safely expand their repertoire.

We'll Custom-Create a Park Just For You!


The typical skate park set-up we offer is composed of two quarter pipes, two jump ramps, two launch ramps, one grindbox, one set of stairs, and one or more flarbars/ grindrails.  Depending on how skilled your participants are, or what they want to learn, we have additional equipment available.  Just tell us what you're looking for and we'll take care of all the details.

Equipment Available:


Quarter pipes (1.5' x 4')

Jump ramps (1.5' x 4')

Launch ramps (1' x 1.5')

Grind boxes  (1.5' x 4' x 4')

Stairs  (height variable 1' to1.5' x 4')

Flarbars/ grind rails (1.4' x 6')


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Woodcraft Rangers is bonded and insured as required by law against accidental injuries or unintentional damages resulting from the hire or use of skatepark equipment and/or materials.