Steve Baltin, Forbes, August 21, 2022

Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb will play a show at Hollywood’s Bourbon Room this Wednesday, August 24. The show is special for Loeb for a couple of reasons. First, she’ll be sharing the stage with a friend, actor/musician Steven Glickman. Second, as she points out, due to COVID, she hasn’t played a proper L.A. show in some time.

It is part of a very busy year for Loeb. “I’ve got concerts coming up, I got two kids going back to school right now, but yeah, I’m just making a record, have a daily radio show, continuing with my eyewear line, which is always evolving with new styles, and I’m doing interviews,” she says. “And I also have a new podcast out. You can look on my website to find everything. You’ll see all the different things on my socials or on my website.”