By Nathan Corrál

In honor of its 100-year anniversary, Camp Woodcraft Rangers has collaborated with Grammy-winner Lisa Loeb to produce a new signature camp song for the campers called “Oh, Camp Woodcraft!” Loeb has been involved in summer camps since she attended them as a kid. She even started The Camp Lisa Foundation for children who may not have the funds to attend a sleepaway camp. Every child, she says, should have the opportunity to attend summer camp.

When working on the theme song, it was important to Loeb that the campers’ voices were part of the song literally and lyrically. “The project wouldn’t really exist without the campers and the counselors, because it’s their song,” says Loeb. The song had to be a collaborative project because the campers know the heart of the camp, the traditions and activities. In the songwriting process, Loeb used her experience as a songwriter and her connection to summer camp to create a song that was unique for the campers.