Melvin Bonilla

Senior Director of Human Resources

Melvin Bonilla, Senior Director of Human Resources, has been an integral part of the Woodcraft Rangers team since November 2017, spearheading the growth of the organization’s HR team of one to a robust team of seven, with plans for further expansion. His experience and vision have been instrumental in shaping HR into a robust and integral part of the organization.

In the face of unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Melvin’s leadership shone brightly as he ensured a safe transition to remote work while also addressing the hiring of staff to meet the childcare needs of front-line medical responders. Also, during his tenure, Woodcraft Rangers experienced exponential growth from 350 in 2017 to currently over 1,000 employees, with projections for continued growth in the coming years.

Melvin’s commitment to HR efficiency and innovation is evident in his implementation of streamlined hiring processes and adoption and integration of new systems and software. Moreover, Melvin understands the importance of nurturing a vibrant organizational culture with HR’s presence at Woodcraft’s two-day New Hire Orientation process, which includes familiarizing new staff with policies, procedures, and Woodcraft’s ethos. True to his values, Melvin maintains an open-door policy, embodying the principles of transparency and accessibility in his leadership approach.