Guiding young people for 100 years
Guiding young people for 100 years

Our Story

In 1922, Woodcraft Rangers was established in Los Angeles. As inspired guides, we offered young people ways to explore pathways to purposeful lives, with the vision that they would connect with others to create positive change for our planet. Our founder, Ernest Thompson Seton, had the progressive belief that every child is innately good, and believed they deserve the opportunity to realize their full potential. Seton’s dream that young people should be active participants in defining their own paths has paved the way for generations upon generations of bright futures.


Guiding young people as they explore pathways to purposeful lives.


We believe in a world where all people are dedicated to positive change and value their connection to others and our planet.

A Message from our CEO

Julee Brooks, our CEO, explains how Woodcraft Rangers’ pioneering foundational goals drive our whole-child approach and why we are at the forefront of expanded learning opportunities.

The Woodcraft way

We Believe Every Child

Is innately good.

Deserves the opportunity to realize their full potential.

Should be an active participant in defining their own path.

Whole Child Approach

A precursor and inspiration to the Whole Child education model, our philosophy is that a young person develops an authentic, holistic sense of self through the cultivation of body, mind, spirit, and service. The Woodcraft Way encourages individuals to find, test, and explore their strengths, in the company of friends and committed guides.

The Fourfold Woodcraft Way

Equity and Inclusion

Equity at Woodcraft Rangers is a lens through which we acknowledge and recognize the disparities that may exist along the lines of race, class, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, ableness and age and, through an ongoing feedback loop, we identify existing disparities and provide appropriate support mechanisms to ensure consistent outcomes for staff and program participants. We also accept the responsibility to always align with partners who honor our values and commitment to equity.


Fiscal Compliance

Woodcraft Rangers prides itself in its impeccable track record of both program, grant and labor compliance and fiscal responsibility. Woodcraft’s history of fiscal excellence ensures programming and partnerships are able to operate without interruption consistently and efficiently. Woodcraft has expertise in:

Grant Compliance

  • Woodcraft is in good standing with all school district partners, as well as all state and government agencies whose grants Woodcraft manages.
  • Woodcraft has never had an audit finding on any state or federal grants.

Financial Reporting

  • Audited by Windes, one of the most highly regarded audit firms in Southern California.
  • Woodcraft has never had an audit finding in annual financial audits including single federal audits.
  • Woodcraft conducts audits beyond legal requirements and have a required practice of regular rotation of partners.
  • Woodcraft has a 27-member board who review financials quarterly with additional oversight by a finance and independent audit committee.

Legal and Risk Assessment

  • Woodcraft has a multi-faceted child protection framework.
  • Woodcraft has a tight operational controls and employee-forward labor practices beyond legal requirements.
  • Woodcraft meets the highest insurance requirements.


What is expanded learning?

Expanded learning refers to all before-school, after-school, summer, or intersession programs that may happen on or off a school campus and is often referred to as out-of-school time (OST) enrichment, or extracurriculars. (https://expandla.org/). All Woodcraft Rangers programs take place on site at schools throughout LA County.

What kind of expanded learning models does Woodcraft Rangers operate?

Woodcraft provides 3 partnership models: a comprehensive model which provide full scale enrichment services and grant management, a complementary model that can provide additional specialty services to layer on top of existing programs, or a collaborative model that works alongside existing programs to increase service capacity.

What are intersessional programs?

Intersessional programs refer to services and activities run during periods where schools are closed, such as the winter, spring, or summer breaks.

What is the “Woodcraft Way”?

The Woodcraft Way speaks to a whole-child development philosophy rooted in the values of access, inclusion, and equity. Established by our founder, Ernest Thompson Seton, the Woodcraft Way focuses on developing a young person’s mind, body, spirit, and sense of service, and believing that every child is innately good, deserves the opportunity to realize their full potential, and should be an active participant in defining their own path.

What is “sampling”?

Sampling refers to an intentional process of providing youth the opportunity to engage in a variety of different activities throughout the course of a year. Woodcraft programming operates in 6-week cycles which offer different activities for youth to select.

What grades does Woodcraft serve?

Woodcraft serves youth in TK-12th grades.

Where are Camp Woodcraft programs held?

Camp Woodcraft programs are held in Mountain Center, CA in the San Jacinto Mountains. Some Camp Woodcraft programs are also offered in Big Bear, CA.

What is Woodcraft’s track record on fiscal responsibility and compliance?

Woodcraft has an impeccable history of fiscal responsibility and compliance. Woodcraft has never had an audit finding in annual financial audits including single federal audits. Woodcraft also conducts audits beyond legal requirements and has a required practice of regular rotation of partners.

Woodcraft is also led by experienced financial leadership, including a CFO who has been with the agency for 15 years. Our current auditor is Windes, a highly reputable and sophisticated firm and the WR Board of Directors elects scrutiny above industry standards to ensure the highest level of transparency and accountability.  Moreover, Woodcraft has healthy cash reserves and reliable fundraising that ensures sustainability.

Does Woodcraft have experience managing state and federal grants?

Woodcraft has 40 years of experience managing state and federal grants with an impeccable record of compliance. Woodcraft has experience managing grants from ASES, 21st Century, E-LOP, DDS, and CNRA.

How does Woodcraft manage risk for partners?

Woodcraft understands how important mitigating risk is to protect young people in our care and our partners. Operationally, Woodcraft has tight operational controls and robust safety protocol  and Woodcraft’s impressive staffing strategy ensures all sites are always in ratio to prevent incidents and respond quickly. Furthermore, Woodcraft has an impeccable record of grant compliance, and Woodcraft has not had any legal claims in the last 5 years and WR current financial leadership has led the agency to more than a decade of clean audits with no findings.

Does Woodcraft handle its own staffing?

Yes. Woodcrafts internal HR and Learning & Development departments manage all levels of staffing from recruitment to onboarding and training.