Robert Illingworth

Director of Inclusion

Robert Illingworth, Director of Inclusion, brings 16 years of experience in ID/DD advocacy and support to Woodcraft Rangers. Throughout his career, Robert has held diverse positions including Adaptive Skills Instructor, Behavioral Therapist, and Service Coordinator. His extensive background encompasses providing assistance to individuals in group homes and schools, particularly those with emotionally dysregulated students. Robert’s collaboration with the California Regional Center has been instrumental in connecting needs with effective solutions.

As a passionate advocate for inclusive learning, Robert has served as a panelist for the California Afterschool Network (CAN). He emphasizes the importance of inclusion in community-based organizations and actively contributes to discussions on fostering community-based inclusion. His empathetic approach in addressing complex needs drives his commitment for inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility. His efforts have significantly enhanced expanded learning opportunities for the ID/DD community and play a key role in developing unique inclusive camp programs for youth and families. Recognizing behavior as a form of communication, he encourages professionals to listen, understand, and accept individuals in their entirety. Robert earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from California State University, Los Angeles.